December 2017



GDPR: How do you track down the right customer data?

14th of December 2017 - quantexa
I have been chatting to a lot of data teams across many organisations, and there seems to be a few GDPR technical issues that are bubbling up to the surface. In particular, dealing with a subject’s right to access, rectification or erasure. Under GDPR such requests have to be dealt with in a timely manner […] more



Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Future of Fraud Detection

1st of December 2017 - quantexa
When combined with network analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) can help businesses recognise and combat fraud. Fraud Is Growing Deceit, crime and corruption are rapidly infiltrating every day society. Fraud, in all its forms, can be categorised as an anti-social behaviour, and this behaviour can be categorised even further into two distinct categories. On the one […] more

Press release


Quantexa Turns up the Heat on Fraudsters

Friday 8th of December 2017
  A London-based entrepreneur believes he could solve the headache of fraud prevention after growing his start-up to more than 50 staff in just 20 months. Vishal Marria has worked in the data and financial crime space since 2005, leading global teams in financial services, fraud and compliance at giants including BAE Systems and EY. The CEO […] more
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