January 2018



What UK Businesses Must Do to Close the Digital Skills Gap

31st of January 2018 - Jade Thomas
Skilled coders and developers are in short supply, but remain in high demand amongst the financial and data services industries. Companies that aren’t engaging in digital skills training aren’t only preventing their employees from developing but hampering the digital transformation of their business. A recent survey undertaken by CapGemini and LinkedIn highlighted the problems that employees face […] more



Quantexa Hackathon 2018

26th of January 2018 - quantexa
Quantexa Hackathon: 10 participants, 29 tasks, £7,000 worth of prizes Quantexa ran a hackathon over Christmas – an optional event if employees became tired of the festivities and overindulging! Our rules: create something that is fun and interesting and will deliver value to our customers. The tasks were focused on the following: Artificial Intelligence (AI)/machine […] more
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