February 2018



The AI Revolution is Now: Why You Should Embrace AI Decisioning

19th of February 2018 - Jade Thomas
Just as the Industrial Revolution transformed the world during the 18th and 19th centuries, we are facing the dawn of an equally far-reaching artificial intelligence or AI revolution that will be measured in years rather than decades. AI has reached the point where it is capable of surpassing the decision-making of humans in many situations; consistently, accurately, […] more



Trade-Based AML is the Final Frontier in Anti-Money Laundering

7th of February 2018 - quantexa
Our current political climate continues to highlight the dangers of international money-laundering and its close links to terrorist financing, human trafficking and corruption. Whilst comprehensive strategies have been deployed to tackle the issue, laundering through use of international trade has been notoriously hard to detect and investigate. The convoluted nature of the problem, combined with […] more
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