October 2018



Our People, Our Culture: The Making of a Successful Tech Scale-up.

25th of October 2018 - Jade Thomas
We may work across a diverse set of technologies to solve a range of complex problems, but diversity is not just in what we do – it’s who we are. At Quantexa, each member of our team brings something new to the table, from coding skills to football skills. But what connects us together is […] more



Build the Right Team to Build a Successful Startup

19th of October 2018 - Jade Thomas
By Thomas Fairey, CCO at Quantexa  A business has many measures of success. But, ultimately, if you want to grow a profitable and viable company, you need to turn your attention to generating revenue. As the Chief Revenue Officer, I helped lead the way to Quantexa exceeding a £100m valuation by aligning sales and marketing strategies to […] more



The Secret Ingredient for Business Growth

18th of October 2018 - Jade Thomas
Big data and artificial intelligence are hot topics across the business world. Organisations without initiatives to use these technologies can be seen to be outdated and behind the curve. Yet for many, the reality of implementing cutting-edge techniques within a large landscape of legacy technologies can be extremely daunting. The desire may be to rip […] more



Is Artificial Intelligence Replacing Jobs In Banking?

3rd of October 2018 - Marie Attfield
Over the past 12 months, the banking industry has become increasingly excited about AI. Virtually every leading consultancy has published research on the impact artificial intelligence will have on the sector and investment continues to pour into developing innovative solutions. But, alongside all the buzz comes the inevitable concern that the implementation of this technology […] more
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