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    | Shaun Mathieson
    The Future of Conduct and Compliance in Australia

    As the final report of the Royal Commission into banking lifts the veil on a history of malpractice within the […]

    | Quantexa
    Using the EU’s own trade rules against it: the scourge of ‘VAT Carousel’ fraud

    Read the full article in Euronews.

    | Alexon Bell
    Fighting Financial Crime: It’s a Global Effort

    As the dust settles on what was another tough year in the fight against financial crime, 2018 will be remembered […]

    | Adam Woozeer
    Securities AML risk is more similar to banking than you may think

    In October 2018, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) released its Guidance for a Risk-Based Approach to AML risk mitigation […]

    | Matthew Long
    Using public-private partnerships (PPP) to beat criminal networks

    When is financial crime “victimless”? Is it a situation when someone has managed to “beat the system” and make some […]

    | Alexon Bell
    How Technology Can Combat Corporate Tax Avoidance & Save Billions

    While many of us are eager to have that feeling of dread around tax filings behind us until next year, […]

    | Alexon Bell
    It’s All Hedge Fun(d) and Games Until Someone Launders Money

    When it comes to fighting money laundering and organized crime, there are a wealth of rules requiring most financial institutions […]

    | Laura Hutton
    What the Jerome Kerviel Case Can Teach Us About Fraud Detection 10 Years Later

    The Kerviel Case This month marks a decade since Jérôme Kervielwas taken into custody after being accused of perpetrating the […]

    | Alexon Bell
    Trade-Based AML is the Final Frontier in Anti-Money Laundering

    Our current political climate continues to highlight the dangers of international money-laundering and its close links to terrorist financing, human […]

    | Vishal Marria
    Criminals Are Using Your Dream Home To Clean Dirty Money

    The property sector is immune to sanctions and is much less scrutinized than stocks or other offerings from financial institutions, […]

    | Quantexa
    Our Growth Journey: How Quantexa Went From Six To 100 Employees

    In the two and a half years since we were founded, Quantexa’s success has snowballed. We have achieved rapid global […]

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