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    | Imam Hoque
    10 Financial Services Use Cases That Demand AI  

    Discover the benefits of AI and 10 ways you can put AI to use and take your Financial Service organization to the future. 

    | Alan Haskins
    The Ethics and Use of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Fighting Insurance Fraud  

    Discover how insurers can leverage innovative technology to enable better, more ethical, and more intelligent decisions.

    | Ross Aubrey
    How to Combat Internal Fraud in a Hybrid Work Environment 

    The sudden shift to remote working has created even more opportunities for corrupt insiders to operate. Many experts believe the incidence of internal fraud is growing. But better analytics tools can help curb the rising risks – and here’s how.

    | Christopher Sanders
    Creating a 360 View of Complex Corporate Clients

    Take a closer look at how you can create a connected client 360 view across complex corporate structures with our in-depth blog.

    | Thomas McNally
    Are You Suffering with the Challenges of Defensive Alerting? 

    In this article, learn how you can overcome the challenges of defensive alerting with a Contextual Monitoring approach.

    | Ross Aubrey
    Scams: You Can Prevent More Than You Think 

    Learn how you can tackle the rising tide of internet-enabled crime by leveraging the power of advanced analytics technology.

    | Delphine Masquelier
    3 Ways a Contextual KYC Approach Can Help Improve Customer Onboarding and Refresh 

    Explore how a contextual approach to customer onboarding and refresh is key to detecting financial crime risk.

    | Ross Aubrey
    Combatting the Rising Risk of Buy Now, Pay Later Fraud  

    Discover how you can overcome the fight against BNPL fraud with context, by leveraging the power of advanced analytics technology.

    | Carl Ottman
    Mitigating Cryptocurrency Risk with a Contextual KYC Approach 

    Analyzing cryptocurrency transaction data to manage risk and meet KYC and AML requirements demands specialized analytic tools. Here’s why.

    | Enrico Spataro
    Generating a Holistic View of Legal Hierarchies Using Context 

    Discover the techniques that can help organizations explore and extract useful insights from complex legal hierarchies.

    | Arati Mistry
    Leveraging Geospatial Data for More Intelligent Decision-Making 

    Discover the latest feature of the Quantexa 2.1 platform, Geospatial Search designed to make the most of geographical data to provide context.

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