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    | Ben Houghton
    Data Quality & the Importance of Reliable Data

    Find out more about the challenges to getting reliable data with machine learning, and why context is the answer to getting better quality data.

    | Jamie Hutton
    Unlocking Insight from Adverse Media Using Contextual Search for Unstructured Data

    Learn how Contextual Search can help organizations find relevant information from their unstructured data to make better decisions at scale.

    | Ross Aubrey
    Surveillance & Transaction Monitoring Trends to Watch in 2022

    Find out more about the transaction and surveillance monitoring trends for 2022, including data integration and remote supervision of employee conduct.

    | Alastair Masson
    Powering Advanced Analytics to Increase Telecoms EBITDA

    Find out about powering advanced analytics to generate an increase in telecoms EBITDA, and the importance of being a Math House to avoid becoming a legacy company here.

    detecting scams
    | Holly Miller
    Detecting & Preventing Scams with Advanced Analytics

    Find out how banks can detect and prevent the growing problem of scams using advanced analytics – and how scams have evolved since COVID-19.

    | Jasmine Sicular
    Canada’s Evolving AML Landscape May Benefit from Advanced Technologies

    In response to the new AML enforcement environment, find out how organizations are uplifting their compliance programs and monitoring systems.

    | Ross Aubrey
    Leveraging Meta Data for Holistic Monitoring of Employee Behavior

    Find out more about our holistic surveillance & trader supervision capabilities to effectively monitor employee conduct and behavior.

    | Alan Haskins
    Preventing Third-Party Insurance Fraud with Advanced Analytics

    Explore the scalable technology solutions that are helping insurers attain a full picture of risk – and protecting customers from fraudsters.

    | Christopher Sanders
    Using Context to Drive Personalized Customer Experiences at Scale

    Discover how you can increase revenues by up to 15% by delivering personalized customer experiences at scale through digital channels.  

    | Jamie Hutton
    Quantexa 2: Advanced Capabilities to Make Your Data Meaningful

    Learn more about Quantexa 2’s new capabilities that give users more control and functionality, while reducing friction and boosting efficiency.

    | Christopher Sanders
    How Banks Can Use Supply Chain Analytics To Enhance Client Experience

    Learn how supply chain analytics transform the way banks extract value from customer data, enhancing dynamic decision-making across all operations.

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