Better decisions start with better context

You’re battling criminals and corporations that use sophisticated digital methods to commit financial crimes, tax evasion, and large-scale fraud. And while you have the data to stop this, it’s trapped in silos.


See how we can turn data into context. The kind of context that catches criminals—and accelerates your digital transformation initiatives.

Detecting non-compliance and financial crime is a growing challenge

You don’t have the right intelligence when you need it

You have all the data you need—yet you can’t see everything that’s going on because it’s stuck in silos without a single view across all sources.


You’re battling highly organized networks

To stop organized crime around the world, you need to understand the networks that criminals operate in. Using these networks as inputs to detection models dramatically increases coverage and accuracy.


You’re slowed down by manual processes

Your operational decision-makers have to extract suspicious behavior and fraudulent activity from millions of legitimate records, often trying to make sense of all of this manually while under time pressure.

Use cases for government agencies

See intelligence you couldn’t before


Discover hidden risks and opportunities by seeing the relationships between people, places and organizations across multiple disparate data sets.


And start seeing the world in more than one dimension to help you make better decisions.

Make better decisions with context


This is a new way to use data designed to reveal the risks and opportunities that you can’t see today.




Concentrate on non-compliance,
not false positives

Focus on catching non-compliance—not wading through false positives. And prioritize high value cases for your team.


Improve and shorten
the investigation process

Automate finding and extracting transactions, events, claims or shipments of interest and empower your people to conduct investigations intuitively.


information sharing

Consolidate your data and combine it with data from external sources to enable information sharing across agencies and jurisdictions.




Connect data wherever it is,
however it is

Our entity resolution dynamically connects your internal and external data to reveal single views of billions of entities.


Create a dynamic
view of the bigger picture

Reveal the connections between billions of records to see the relationships between people and organizations that matter most to your decisions.


Build analytics models
based on real-world expertise

Develop models based on the typologies your most effective teams look for, to help you automate millions of operational decisions.

Contextual Decision Intelligence changes the way everyone makes decisions

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Using data and analytics for maximum impact in tax authorities

Change the way you think about citizen-centric government and use this practical guidance to help tax authorities make the most of data, analytics and artificial intelligence.


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Why use the Quantexa platform

Build once, use many, ingest to create a single view with networks

Apply your data to multiple use cases—without replicating data sets.

Make faster,
more accurate decisions

Use context to improve decision accuracy across the organization, find new opportunities and uncover risk.

Scale to billions of records
in batch or real time

Built on proven, scalable open source technologies like Hadoop, Spark and Elastic.

Future-proofed open architecture

Integrate seamlessly into your existing IT ecosystem, with flexible deployment options: native, or containerized for private and public cloud.

Ensure data transparency

Use explainable data linking, advanced AI and decision models for regulatory compliance.

Keep your data secure

Rely on granular security levels for dynamic control, with all activity audited.

Speedy time-to-value

Operationalize your data in a matter of months – not years.

Overcome data
quality issues

Use entity resolution and data volume to overcome missing or poor quality data.

Increase your coverage.
Lower your costs.

The cost of compliance is unsustainable when your people don’t have the right tools to make accurate decisions fast enough.


Our platform reveals hidden relationships between people and organizations, so your teams spend less time on each decision—and still get to better outcomes.


Which means you can lower the cost of compliance while increasing coverage across your organization.


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