Build a trusted data foundation at Telia

Leverage unparalleled AI-powered data matching technology to empower your front line agents and unify your CRMs with a single tool.


Empower your Sales and Support teams

Go from reactive to proactive

Connect all your internal and external data across the organization to build a holistic, trusted view of your B2B customers.

Extend that with relationships – including social connections, households, corporate hierarchies, web activity, order history – to provide the full context and enable better insights for your Sales and Support agents.

The result: new, high value insights that drive proactive, personalized engagement, improve customer experience, increase team productivity and accelerate revenue growth


Connect your CRMs

Unify and supercharge your CRM with richer information and insights.

Whatever your chosen CRM provider, use Quantexa to get a single view across all your CRM instances, connect to broader customer data – such as OSS/BSS, marketing, channel, product utilization and third-party data – and apply analytical models to generate unique network insights and understand connections between customers, contacts and target accounts. 

Eliminate outdated and conflicting data - such as phantom and duplicate entries

Combine deduplication with credit and sanction checks to reduce exposure to fraud.

Provide a unified, enriched view of customers, prospects, relationships and related insights to a single CRM. 

the result

AI-powered transformational outcomes

Get a 360 view of customers

Connect disparate data from internal systems and external sources to form a 360-degree view of your customers.

Empower your data teams

Create the foundation for effective data stewardship and analytics, using best-in-class entity resolution and graph analytics.

Accelerate time to value

Simplified data onboarding with low-code, schema-agnostic, scalable, high-performance ​ data preparation and ingestion.

Integrate seamlessly

Quantexa’s open and cloud-native architecture helps to ease the path of integration with existing BSS/OSS (e.g. Salesforce, Tableau, Qlik) and cloud platforms (e.g. Google, AWS, Azure).

Think big, start small

Take a phased approach and get value quickly, proving ROI before commiting to larger investments.

One deployment, multiple use cases

Expand to new use cases by simply adding new data sources with no data duplication.


Ingest and connect data, build context, and make more informed decisions


ML, NLP, and Deep learning builds a 360-degree customer view across internal and external data

Create Context

Graph Analytics uncovers complex and hidden relationships between entities

Decide and Act

Customizable ML models detect risks and opportunities

Vodafone enhances customer experience through Decision Intelligence

Vodafone has used Quantexa's Decision Intelligence Platform to create a 360-degree, connected view of customers to unlocking new insights to enhance customer experience, deepen relationships, and accelerate growth.

360 view

Unlocks new customer insights


Customer service and sales


New business growth

It is vital that we have the data, systems, and tools in place to join the dots and ensure we have a full contextual picture of our customers. The use of AI in Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform is a step change in understanding our customers and is key for our strategic focus on best-in-class customer experience.”
Miryem Salah
UK Chief Data Officer, Vodafone

the Impact

What we have achieved

50% increase

in customer conversion

90% time reduction

in time to identify new prospects

$200+ million

in new revenue


data deduplication

drive industry transformation

See it in action

Protect, optimize, and grow your organization with Decision Intelligence. More is possible with the right data in the right context.