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Effortless Data Exploration

A suite of features that simplify key tasks and allow users to explore data the way they want to.


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Streamlined Deployment

Intuitive tools that help you get up and running without external support or an army of highly skilled developers.


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Geospatial Search for intelligent investigations


Key capabilities

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Geospatial Search



Advanced investigations in Law enforcement, Intelligence agencies, Tax authorities, Insurance, Telecoms, Banking and other sectors often depend heavily on geographical data that is matched with people, time, behaviors and more.


We are introducing Geospatial Search in the Quantexa platform, expanding explorations to a whole new set of use cases.


Now, you can search and visualize geospatial data in the UI, interactively define locations, add filters and conditions, run queries and take into context all the data you have – without switching systems.

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Effortless Data Exploration


Key features

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Table View Filtering

Navigating through hundreds of entries in a network that match your search query can be overwhelming and time-consuming.


And no two investigations are the same.


We’re introducing table view filters that can be set individually for each use case, allowing you to effectively refine your search and automatically highlight vital data points in the network.

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Streamlined Deployment


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Offline Indexers

The foundation of trusted decision-making is utilizing all available internal and external data sources to connecting data in a meaningful way.

Due to the high volume of data being ingested, this process often time-consuming and can result in errors and timeouts.

We’re introducing a new way that is faster and more reliable. The Offline Indexers can batch load data in parallel, which results in a more distributed use of resources.

That’s 66% faster data loading speed.

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API Keys and Service Accounts

Visibility and control of integrations within Quantexa is an essential part of ensuring security of the platform.

This release provides fully native support for API Key and Service Account management, which helps developers and architects control and monitor API access to the platform.

This provides a standardized approach to securing access to Quantexa via APIs and enables easier integration with other systems, grants more security features and allows API keys to be used alongside other authentication mechanisms, e.g., SSO.

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Data Streaming

While in most scenarios batch data ingestion gives organizations a realistic picture of their data, some use cases are more time-sensitive.

Think operations that require immediate attention to new risk factors like KYC and Credit risk.

Quantexa’s Data Streaming feature now allows continuous data updates in a standardized and easy-to-deploy way using Kubernetes, also with integrated security features. 

Meaning Quantexa will prompt investigators with the most up-to-date information as it arrives, supporting better decisioning and risk mitigation.

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