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    Banking Data & Analytics Technology [Danske Bank Case Study]

    To maximize the value of data, enterprises need the right IT infrastructure in place. In this episode, Bo Svejstrup, CIO at Danske Bank discusses resolving legacy data challenges, improving collaboration between business and IT, and the future of cloud adoption.

    Two illustrated figures stacking data
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    How Allianz Insurance Is Transforming Using Tech

    Quantexa speaks with Allianz CFO to discuss the challenges of adopting technology across the enterprise, the role of data in customer-centricity, and leading transformation in the insurance industry.

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    Financial Crime Investigations: Standard Chartered Bank [Case Study]

    Learn how Standard Chartered Bank has made huge strides in harnessing the power of data to revolutionize financial crime investigations.

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    How HSBC Is Using Technology To Combat Financial Crime

    See how HSBC is using technology to manage its data effectively and improve financial crime detection to tackle human trafficking and terrorist financing.

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    IDC Report: Maximize Your Decision Intelligence by Analyzing Contextual Data

    By adopting best practices for AI and analytics, companies can enable data-driven decision intelligence to become more agile and competitive.

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    AML Detection & Investigation Management Report: Standard Chartered Bank [Case Study]

    Financial institutions across the globe are facing increasing and evolving money laundering and financial crime threats. Regulators have imposed a […]

    Steps to maximize the value of your data
    | Quantexa
    7 Steps to Maximize the Value of Your Commercial Data with Contextual Decision Intelligence

    Find out the seven critical steps to successfully becoming a data-driven organization through decision intelligence.

    Customer intelligence Quantexa
    | Quantexa
    How to Generate Commercial Value Through Customer Intelligence

    Customer intelligence is critical for business success. Learn how to harness the power of customer context to generate commercial value.

    Aite webinar on AML technology
    | Quantexa
    AML Technology & Decision Intelligence Software: HSBC Case Study

    In this webinar, leaders from Quantexa, Aite Group, and HSBC explore next generation AML technology and how organizations can transition away from manual processes and legacy systems.

    Understanding continuous KYC network
    | Quantexa
    Continuous KYC: A data-led approach that helps you find real risks in real time

    Join us and Accenture to hear how a continuous, dynamic and technology-led approach to ongoing KYC monitoring can help reduce the overall burden of KYC activities and help financial institutions to more effectively detect risk in their customer book.

    Situational awareness in a changing world
    | Imam Hoque
    Guide to Adapt your Business Using Situational Awareness

    Financial institutions that rapidly adjust to the changing world by developing situational awareness will be able to make better decisions, remain resilient and overcome the short-term and longer-term challenges stemming from COVID-19.

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