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    | Imam Hoque
    Monetizing Insurance Data Analytics with Decision Intelligence

    The world is a series of networks and this should be accounted for in your decisioning. By de-duplicating your internal data records and enriching it with external data sources, you can create a connected customer view across your firm.

    | Imam Hoque
    Using Tax Data Analytics for Maximum Impact in Tax Authorities

    Data is rapidly becoming vital in the global economy, likely to become an asset that most economic activity will depend […]

    | Imam Hoque
    Business Challenges on Capital Markets: Financial Crime

    Adopting a contextual approach to AML for capital markets: You’re facing growing pressure from regulators to improve risk detection and […]

    How to effectively detect trade-based money laundering and financial crime using an automated contextual approach to data
    | Imam Hoque
    How to Effectively Tackle Trade-Based Money Laundering Risk

    There is growing regulatory pressure on financial institutions to improve inadequate trade AML processes. Find out how an automated contextual solution can overcome the challenging complexity and scale of trade to consistently and effectively detect financial crime and trade-based money laundering.

    | Quantexa
    Monetizing Banking Data Through Contextual Decision Intelligence

    For many years business intelligence and analytical solutions have provided support to human decision makers across the banking industry for […]

    HSBC AML case study
    | Vishal Marria
    HSBC Anti-Money Laundering Case Study: Big Data

    Find out how Quantexa has helped HSBC to tackle financial crime using entity resolution and network analytics.

    | Alexon Bell
    How to Combat Trade Based Money Laundering: Webinar Recording

    Didn’t get a chance to join our webinar on Trade Based Money Laundering? View the live recording here.

    | Jamie Hutton
    Webinar: Next Generation Data and Analytics to Fight Financial Crime

    With more than $1.5 trillion lost to Financial Crime in 2018 alone, traditional ways of dealing with fraud and AML […]

    | Adam Woozeer
    AML for Markets Webinar: The Paradigm Shift to Contextual Monitoring

    Traditional transaction monitoring systems historically haven’t been properly designed for capital markets products or activity—failing to enrich, connect, and operationalize […]

    | Quantexa
    Financial Crime Analytics: Aite Report

    Banks’ customer data stores are typically siloed, with widely varying degrees of data quality. Aite Group looks at the best entity resolution and linking tools to combat these challenges to drive actionable value from data.

    | Quantexa
    Big Data Graduate Program Brochure

    Quantexa’s cutting-edge technology helps businesses gain the insights they need to solve real-world problems across financial crime, fraud, customer intelligence and more.

    Now, we’re searching for passionate, resilient and dedicated graduates to help us stay one step ahead. Are you ready to push the boundaries? Be part of our Big Data Graduate Program.

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