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    The ever-evolving landscape of anti-money laundering regulations
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    Quantexa joins Tomorrow Street to enable organisations to change the way they make millions of operational decisions every year

    growth drive
    Tomorrow Street join Quantexa following successful $65m Series C funding round

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    How can we overcome the threat of mule fraud during COVID-19? (Part 2)

    The way in which criminals operate is shifting as a result of COVID-19. Financial institutions must adapt to change quickly to prevent criminals from using mule fraud to take advantage of the vulnerable.

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    AML Regulations: Exploring the Ever-Evolving Landscape

    Evolving AML regulations and enforcement actions have seen FIs hit with large fines. Innovative technologies could be the answer to better AML detection.

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    Quantexa adds industry leaders to advisory board to support global growth drive

    Former JP Morgan Chase CIO and ex-chairman of KPMG join Quantexa’s advisory board following successful $65m Series C funding round

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    Quantexa Appoints Laura Hutton as New Chief Customer Officer

    Quantexa has appointed Laura Hutton as new Chief Customer Officer to accelerate our commitment to putting the voice of the customer at the center of the organization.

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    The Biggest AML Compliance Challenges Facing Financial Institutions in 2020

    Financial institutions are faced with an evolving and threatening landscape. Find out more about emerging technologies and raising the bar for more effective and efficient AML compliance programs and systems.

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    Raising the Bar of AML Detection and Investigations with Contextual Decision Intelligence

    Financial institutions across the globe are facing increasing and evolving money laundering and financial crime threats. Regulators have imposed a […]

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    7 Steps to Maximize the Value of Your Data with Contextual Decision Intelligence
    | Aaron Gross
    Three Ways a Connected View of Your Customers Can Help Improve Customer Onboarding and Maintenance
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    Quantexa Raises $64.7m in New Series C Funding to Drive Hyper-Growth in Big Data and Analytics Ecosystem

    Additional investments will expand quantexa’s global and industry footprint and its contextual decision intelligence platform as category-leading technology