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    | Clark Frogley
    Moving to Continuous KYC Monitoring to Reduce Risk & Improve Compliance

    Learn how continuous KYC monitoring can result in reduced risk, improved AML compliance – while keeping you one step ahead of criminals.

    | Alex Braid
    Misclassification of Credit Defaults: Why Networks Are Key to Detecting Lending Fraud

    See how network analytics technology can accurately detect lending scheme fraud to better manage credit risks.

    | Quantexa
    The State of AI in Financial Services [Global Survey Results]

    Gain an understanding of the evolution and adoption of AI in financial services in this global survey from AI Forum & Quantexa.

    | Alan Haskins
    How Insurance Firms Can Identify and Prevent Towing Scams and Vehicle Crime

    Discover how Insurers can detect & prevent towing scams and organized vehicle crime with advanced analytics.

    | Holly Miller
    How APAC Governments are Fighting Covid-19 Fraud with Advanced Technology

    Find out more about the most effective way to fight COVID-19 fraud, and how APAC Governments are leading the industry by using advanced analytics.

    | Quantexa
    InsurTech Trends for 2022 [Video]

    In this video, recap on the events that took the Insurance industry by storm in 2021 – and what the industry can expect to see more of in the year ahead.

    | Roshni Patel
    Monitoring and Managing ESG Risks with Advanced Analytics

    Find out more about effective ESG risk management, and how advanced analytics such as AI and big data can be used to improve data quality.

    | Roshni Patel
    The Future of Credit Risk Management Lies with Technology

    Find out about improving credit risk models and processes for the banking sector using advanced technology. Decision intelligence can address ESG risks and more.

    | Quantexa
    NatWest Markets Case Study: Using Technology Across the Risk and Compliance Landscape [Video]

    Learn why data is at the center of everything NatWest Markets do – and how you can achieve the same results.

    | Christopher Sanders
    Delivering Hyper-Personalization Within Insurance

    Find out how insurers, re-insurers and brokers can deliver more hyper-personalized customer experiences using advanced technology.

    | Delphine Masquelier
    Why Adapt Existing Transaction Monitoring Capabilities to Tackle Cryptocurrency AML?

    Find out more about the importance of tackling crypto AML compliance, and utilizing new technology and existing monitoring capabilities, here.

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