Empower Data-Driven Decision-Making & Cultivate a Dynamic Customer View

Gaining a complete picture of any customer can be a challenge. Complexity across regions, products, channels, and accounts means it’s an ever-fluctuating task. But the rewards for achieving a single customer view (SCV) are huge. If banks can treat each customer as an individual, excel at delivering highly relevant and personalized engagement that leverages real-time intelligence and a dynamic view of their customers, industry leaders can overcome the hurdles to SCV and thrive.

In this webinar discover how a fresh approach to single customer view can offer truly dynamic insight and revolutionize your company’s decision-making process.


Access on-demand today and unlock insights on how to: 

  • Build a new type of single customer view that is genuinely dynamic and insightful
  • Use graph analytics to bring context to decision-making and drive differentiated customer experiences 
  • Construct a picture of intelligence that allows your business to make the right offer to the right customer at the right time 
  • Provide sales and relationship teams with timely insights to enable proactive management of customer relationships 
  • Achieve compelling and individualized engagement with your customers 
  • Engineer efficient processes that connect data across silos and handle poor quality and sparse data.

The financial landscape is shifting, and in an increasingly competitive market, large institutions must be able to join up their data, or risk being disrupted.

Dan Onions

Global Head of Data Management, Quantexa

You’ll hear from sector leaders including: 

  • Shaa Ravi, Transformation and Strategy Lead- Retail Digitech, NatWest Group 
  • Akhil Gupta, Vice President, Bank of Singapore  
  • Dan Onions, Global Head of Data Management, Quantexa 
  • & Chris Sivalingam, Decision Science & Real-Time Analytics Expert 

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