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Gather intelligence to reduce the threat of financial crime 

Investigators are struggling with ineffective processes that result in a huge volume of cases and vast amounts of time required to gather data. Combining internal and external data with risk factors, such as adverse media sources, creates context around entities to accelerate investigations and empower investigators to make better decisions.

Quantexa provides a fully integrated solution to aid investigators in spotting a range of suspicious activity, from mule fraud to terrorist financing. Our technology supports both high-volume investigations and deeper, more complex cases from a single system.

Create a holistic view

Integrate transaction monitoring alerts with internal and external data to build a context around an investigation and see the bigger picture

Focus on major threats

Embed human intelligence to see new risks as they emerge, enabling investigators to take threat analytics to the next level

Enhance your threat management

Find risky connections

Identify new and emerging threats on a global scale by uncovering previously unknown connections

Save investigators’ time

Reduce hours of work to a matter of minutes by automating investigations, reducing the time spent on research

Adapt to different scenarios

Combat various levels of risk from the same system, including time-critical threats like terrorism and complex money laundering schemes

Create consistent investigation outcomes

Accurately find and quantify network-based risk to mitigate criminal activity and feedback into the detection process

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