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Recognising risky trading behaviour requires a substantial understanding of your customer and the context surrounding their markets activity. Quantexa connects the full breadth of your customer information with external data sets to build risk models that accurately detect high-risk activity.

Our technology builds a network of your customer and their transactions, providing your organisation with a holistic view of trading activity. Quantexa enables you to find patterns and detect complex behaviours within these networks so you can quickly spot and investigation suspicious behaviour.

Understand your customer

Create context around your markets customers using entity resolution and network generation to uncover hidden relationships

Find patterns of behaviour

Utilise sophisticated analytical techniques to create behavioural profiles and understand what different peer groups should look like

Detect suspicious activity

Generate contextual alerts to identify high-risk relationships and analyse those who deviate away from usual behaviour

The new approach to markets monitoring

Reduce false positives

Manage the volume of alerts while improving the quality to enhance AML investigations and detect high-risk markets activity

Gain wider coverage

Ensure you have full coverage of your financial markets risk to make regulatory compliance easier

Adapt to new scenarios

Extend your underlying systems with transparent and flexible technology to cover new scenarios and techniques as they emerge

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