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Trade customers often bank in multiple countries, making it imperative to generate a single view of businesses globally that incorporates information such as directorship and associated accounts. Connecting transactional data (e.g. finance, open account and bank accounts) with risk and third-party data (e.g. corporate registries), Quantexa builds a holistic network view of your customer and their counterparties to create a complete trade solution. 

Understanding the context of organisations and supply chains is critical to managing risk and detecting criminal activity. Quantexa technology empowers you to manage the scale and diversity of trade by quickly spotting suspicious activity and easily investigating potential money laundering risk.


Enrich customer data

Create a single entity view from billions of records globally to eliminate duplicated data records and reduce management effort

Uncover missing links

Connect your internal and external data to build connections between legal entities and counterparties, giving you a true reflection of trade activity

Identify trade networks

Combine legal entity and counterparty networks to analyse complex supply chain connections and easily recognise unusual interactions to follow risk

Investigate relationships

Escalate higher risk cases using advanced network analytics to highlight new and emerging threats within your data

A Complete Trade Solution

Simplify complex relationships

Create a single customer and counterparty view across all geographies and divisions

Identify money laundering

Prioritise cases based on context using a holistic view of trade supply chains and a single customer view

Reduce false positives

Manage the volume of alerts while improving the quality to enhance AML investigations

Deploy once, use many

Implement one platform to support multiple use cases using the same set of data 

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