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Improve your credit risk model using network analytics

Creating context around your customer allows you to see the bigger picture. Quantexa embraces AI systems to underpin your credit risk modelling and facilitate more informed lending decisions.

Our dynamic technology gives you a complete view of all your business customers in real-time, enabling you to react to risks as they occur, understand corporate structures and automate decisioning with confidence.

Enrich your entities

Combine information from internal and external data sources to produce a 360° customer view across your enterprise

Uncover hidden relationships

Identify connected companies through supply chains, payments and ownership structures with automatic network building

Validate and remodel

Improve existing credit decisioning models to target the right companies for lending and exposure increases or reductions

The next generation of lending

Assess credit risk faster

Save time with automated credit risk modelling and simultaneously improve your probability of default decisions

Maintain full control

Quantexa’s self-service platform and technology training enables you to have full control and flexibility of your data

React to risk immediately

Respond to risks with our real-time capability, such as commodity price changes or systemic failures of major entities in the supply chain

Improve your customer base

Embrace AI technology to increase the accuracy of your probability of default predictions and onboard the right customers

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