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Anti-Money Laundering

Reveal hidden risks and detect criminal activity faster. Reduce false positives to manage the cost of compliance. And improve investigations to make faster and more consistent decisions at scale.

AML Investigations

Enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and consistency of your operational and complex investigations to empower your teams to expose and understand risk faster.

Trade AML

Detect risk in the complexity of global trade. Reveal hidden relationships between importers and exporters. And identify previously unknown money laundering and fraud.

Markets AML

Prevent money launderers from taking advantage of capital markets. Use context to improve risk detection. And gain broader coverage by removing data and workstream silos.

Correspondent Banking AML

Enhance your AML risk assessments for correspondent banks, gain a better understanding of potentially illicit transaction flows and reveal unknown risks.


Identify potentially fraudulent activity by looking at people or transactions in isolation. Understand the context surrounding the organizations you do business with to make fast, accurate decisions.

Credit Risk

Understand your customers, their business structures and supply chains. Make better lending decisions, faster. And support digital risk transformation.

Know Your Customer

Reduce significant manual effort across onboarding, refreshes and remediation. Automate checks, implement continuous monitoring, and focus on contextual decision making.

Customer Intelligence

Generate a complete view of the context around your customers and prospects to build better relationships, reduce attrition and find hidden opportunities.

Master Data Management

Connect all data—internal and third party—to create a joined-up, contextual view of all the relationships between your customers and every other domain.

Solve challenges for your organization


Turn your data into a strategic asset using our platform, and reveal hidden risks and opportunities — and automate operational decisions at scale.


Automate hard decisions. Empower your people to detect risk and uncover new opportunities rapidly. Become truly data-driven, right across your business.


Automate decision-making, lower costs, and rapidly increase efficiency—all while improving compliance across your organization.

The platform for better decisions

A new way to use data designed to reveal risks and opportunities you can’t see today. Our Contextual Decision Intelligence (CDI) platform connects billions of internal and external data points to create the context you need to make faster, more accurate decisions. With CDI you can:


  • Connect data wherever it is, however it’s stored – to create a single enterprise view.
  • See a dynamic network view of the relationships between people, organizations and places.
  • Develop decision models built on the knowledge of your best people, whether automating decisions or augmenting users.
Contextual Decision Intelligence platform

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