Business Problems You Can Solve With Quantexa

Explore the solutions we offer to help you solve the most critical challenges across your organization and make the right decisions, at the right time.

Data Management

Build a trusted data foundation to deliver context for decision-making.

Entity Quality Management

Identify, understand, and correct data issues in data and continuously enhance data quality to improve accuracy, speed, and confidence in decision-making.

Contextual Master Data Management

Use unique Entity Resolution technology to generate high-quality golden records with unprecedented accuracy and scalability.

Dynamic Corporate Hierarchies

Connect customer data into hierarchies automatically by combining it with external feeds.

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Know Your Customer

Detect risk in real time to identify unknown risks and deliver accurate risk ratings.


Automate and simplify manual KYC processes to reduce friction, improve compliance, and understand prospects and new customers better.


Make KYC processes for remediating large volumes of profiles more efficient to help reduce manual work and costs, and keep pace with changing regulations.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Use a single tool to conduct deep investigations of high-risk customers and bring consistency to reviews to make faster, more accurate risk decisions.

Perpetual KYC (pKYC)

Create a dynamic KYC approach by automating static processes and due diligence trigger events - and continuously monitoring for risk.

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Risk Management

Revolutionize enterprise risk assessment with a holistic understanding of borrowers, their counterparties, and relationships.

Holistic Counterparty Profiling

Develop a clearer understanding of counterparty hierarchies, supply chains and their relationships in real time to archive greater risk resiliency.

Portfolio Monitoring ‒ Early Signals

Uncover proximate and emerging risk within your borrower ecosystem to drive proactive alerts and deliver accurate, actionable early warning signals.

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Fraud and Security

Uncover hidden fraud risks with a contextual approach to detection and prevention.

Scams and Mule Network Detection

Identify scam victims, surface suspicious accounts and networks, and prevent fraud faster.

Lending Fraud

Reduce fraud losses across the customer lifecycle and all business and personal customers.

Internal Fraud

Detect insiders (organized crime and lone actors) engaged in defrauding the bank and/or customers.

Supply Chain Integrity

Identify activities signaling supplier integrity risks and pinpoint employees and third parties engaging in them.

Tax Fraud and Evasion

Use real-time advanced capabilities to integrate internal and external data for a consolidated view of tax evasion risk.

Customs, Goods, and Duties

Gain a single view of risk to facilitate efficient investigations that enable the safe and effective movement of goods.

Grants, Benefits, and Other Payments

Detect and deter criminal deception or mismanagement of government programs with intuitive analysis, investigations, and proactive decisioning.

Claims, Billing, and Provider Fraud

Find, prevent, and block fraud across the entire claims lifecycle, including billings and payments, and across any claims channel or product line.

Borders and People Movement

Enable the safe and effective movement of people in real time with a single view of risk that drives more efficient investigations.

Complex Fraud Investigations

Perform complex investigations across all available and relevant data to identify new, previously unidentified fraud risks.

Application and Underwriting Fraud

Detect fraudulent activity across the complete underwriting customer lifecycle, from quote to renewal, and across any distribution channel or product line.

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Financial Crime

Use context to holistically understand customers, counterparties, and complex relationships with a unified approach to combating economic crime and fraud.

Intelligence-Led Investigations

Augment investigations and support skilled anti-money laundering (AML) investigators to understand the full extent of risk more easily.

Trade AML

Create a thorough understanding of the direct and indirect risks related to international trade and commerce.

Correspondent Banking AML

Gain a deeper understanding of respondent bank networks with a wider view of risk across the correspondent banking channel.

Markets AML

Provide a holistic view of clients and transactions across networks of counterparties and capital market participants.

Retail AML

Take a customer-centric approach to AML that incorporates an understanding of non-customer counterparties and their indirect networks of relationships.

Government FIU

Integrate internal and external data in real time to triage and support Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) investigations.

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Customer Intelligence

Enhance the customer experience, increase productivity and drive revenue growth – with context.

Customer 360

Give customer-facing teams the ability to view and explore holistic 360-degree views of customers and their complex relationships.

New Prospect Identification

Identify and prioritize new customer acquisition opportunities faster and more easily.

Product Cross-Sell and Upsell

Provide customer-facing teams with cross-sell and upsell opportunities for existing customers to help increase share of wallet.

Customer Retention

Get data-driven insights to identify customers most likely to churn and take proactive steps to keep them.

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