You don’t know the risks you can’t see

Organized criminals are using sophisticated techniques to cover their tracks—and they’re taking advantage of faster payments, capital markets and open banking.


Regulators are ramping up the pressure on detecting financial crime. And legacy systems are failing to make the right data available, at the right time.


What’s needed is a new approach to data that improves your ability to detect criminal behavior while reducing operational costs.


This is Contextual Decision Intelligence.

Anti-money laundering solutions - Quantexa

Our anti-money laundering solutions

Scale to more than 50 billion transactions
Reduction in false positives
SAR discloure rates
Cut investigation time by 50%

Benefits of our anti-money laundering solutions

Improve detection

Accurately identify new AML risk using network-based typologies.

Adapt to emerging risks

Adjust models and interfaces instantly to quickly adapt to a changing world.

Reduce false positives

Decrease the time spent on manual data collection.

Identify previously missed connections

See the bigger picture around customers and companies.

Automate investigations

Accelerate the escalation process.

Manage costs

Consistently create fewer but more relevant alerts.


Transparent model

Passed model risk governance with Tier 1 global banks.

Increase escalation rates

By accurately identifying risk.

Enhance money laundering detection with context


Reveal the hidden risks and criminal behaviors you can’t see today.





Connect data wherever it is,
however it is

Our entity resolution dynamically connects your internal and external data to reveal a single view of billions of entities across your organization. 


Create a dynamic view of the bigger picture

Reveal the connections between billions of records to see the relationships between people and organizations that matter most to your decisions.


Build analytics models based on real-world expertise

Develop stronger models using typologies based on extensive business knowledge to effectively automate millions of operational decisions and better detect risk.


How to effectively tackle trade-based money laundering

Find out how an automated trade AML solution—using contextual monitoring—helps consistently and effectively detect money launderers and prevent financial crime.

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Trade-based money laundering ebook

How to protect your capital markets business from financial crime

See why a contextual approach to monitoring is superior to traditional transaction monitoring. Then find out why now’s the time to change—and how to make the move.

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See how our Contextual Decision Intelligence platform reduces false positives, illuminates previously unknown criminal behavior, and cuts investigation time.

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