Alert Management System

Current Transaction Monitoring platforms are not fit for purpose:

  • Systems are producing high levels of poor quality alerts, with a 90%+ false positive rate.
  • Investigations are laborious; 50% of an investigator’s time is spent gathering data, 25% analysing the data and 25% writing up their findings.
  • Investigations are inconsistent; the most significant and predictive attribute was which investigator dealt with the alert.
  • There is poor recording of the reasons for escalations and closures, impacting an organisations ability to tune and model accurately.
  • Alerts are generated for one scenario, but the reason for escalation and disclosure is for something completely different.

How can our technology help?

Quantexa’s alert management system improves the alert handling rate of investigator teams, increasing productivity by 100 to 150%+.

We have a proven library of risk indicators, created through a combination of data science and working alongside investigation teams. These help to identify high risk alerts earlier in the process and direct investigators to the most significant aspects of the alert.

Quantexa’s Alert Management System gives an organisation the ability to:

  • Manage the current alert volumes more efficiently.
  • Improve the consistency of the investigation process by applying risk indicators.
  • Improve the quality of investigations as the system automatically does a 360-customer review and risk indicators automate the checks of your best investigators.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the alerting process by providing intelligence for the investigation.

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