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Despite many AML alerts from Transaction Monitoring platforms being false positives, some are genuinely suspicious and require deeper, more thorough investigations.

This deeper investigation also extends to internal reports from staff as well as requests from law enforcers and the regulator.

The Quantexa platform is proven to deliver a more consistent and thorough investigation in the first pass. Automating data collection, identifying connections in KYC and reference data, as well as collating all the transactions within a bank or other financial institution, but also externally to foreign parties.

Quantexa can resolve the foreign parties and link to corporate databases to identify ownership. This means a search for one person can identify a transaction to a foreign company. We have observed that through shares directors multiple companies and involved and this links back to the bank.

This process of finding connections takes weeks of work. This can now be completed in minutes.

It also finds matches and connections that a human investigator can’t as it can sort and analyse the billions of transactions available.

In summary Quantexa helps organisations to:

  • Improve Level 3 Investigation process
  • More effectively manage complex investigations
  • Respond more quickly, accurately, and comprehensively to law enforcement and regulator requests
  • Increase response times for crisis when you are given very little data to screen (such as names or telephone numbers)

Moreover, this platform can be re-used to perform threat analytics and start to uncover emerging and well-hidden typologies.

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