Customer Insight: Uncovering Hidden Leads

Winning New Business with AI-Powered Prospecting

New business is critical to company growth and sales directors are under extreme pressure to meet quarterly targets. CRM data, the life-blood of sales teams, is often incomplete, resulting in lost revenue and missed opportunities.

Harnessing AI technology, Quantexa uses network-based customer insights to enrich, analyse and discover new opportunities.

  • Save time – significantly reduce prospecting and focus on your best leads
  • Improve conversion rates – target the best leads who are likely to buy
  • Increase revenue – convert better quality leads

Enrich your data 

Using internal and external data sources, we enrich and match your data to create one single customer view.

Shell embraces data analytics to understand business customers

Quantexa announces its collaboration with Shell to gain real-time intelligence and respond to customer needs.

Gain everlasting intelligence

Use AI to understand who your best customers are, which leads are likely to buy and which prospects to target.

Trusted by leading CRM providers 

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