Technology Capabilities Available with Quantexa

These capabilities are available through user interfaces or API’s, and are provided in batch or real time; operating on billions of records and embedded within your data lake environment.

Entity resolution: produces a single view of the customer, business, organisation, address or any other real-life entity to create a “golden source” record. It needs user or programmatically definable levels of match fuzziness, to meet the many different usage patterns.

Network build: creates networks within your data, based on shared addresses at the same time, phone numbers, emails, transaction links, and relationships such as directorships or shareholdings, by linking data, providing correlations, etc.

Network visualisation: allows data scientists or end users to view or explore networks within the data, as well as overlaying the data on maps, charts and timelines.

Entity-centric search: offers a facility to search records or entities with a range of advanced features. Finding the data you want or avoiding the insertion of duplicates where customers already exit is critical.

Scoring framework: applies a range of machine learning, scoring and advanced analytics to events, entities or networks, driving decisions or robotics. Also includes the necessary metadata to ensure the decisions can be easily understood by the users.

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