Do you want more from your CRM?

Data is scattered across multiple CRM systems for different lines of business with no single view.


CRM data quality is poor with massive amounts of duplicated and outdated information.


Your large investment in CRM technology is yielding limited insights and value beyond basic account tracking.

Get a 360° view of your customers by unifying your CRM

  1. Ingest data across a single or multiple CRM instances.
  2. Connect CRM data to broader customer data – such as marketing, channel, product utilization and third-party data – and apply analytical models to generate unique network insights.
  3. Provide an enriched view of customers, prospects, relationships and related insights to CRM.


Less time spent prospecting
Data resolution accuracy

Why choose Quantexa for a Unified CRM solution


Leverage Dynamic Entity Resolution

Use best-in-class data matching technology to accurately join up disparate data from different CRMs.

Increase data quality

Get rid of duplicated and outdated information and provide visibility on what matters the most.

Add context with Network Generation

Add network connections to provide rich network insights about your customers.

Get the most out of your CRM

Increase CRM adoption and maximize return on investment.

Use the platform for Contextual Decision Intelligence

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More solutions that help you drive value from your data

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Accelerate revenue growth with customer intelligence

Find out how to identify new prospects, get referrals, better understand your customers’ needs and reduce churn with context and network analytics.

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Discovering new opportunities with context

A Tier 1 bank needed to identify new upsell opportunities and increase share of wallet across relationship management business lines.

Our Customer Intelligence solution enabled the bank to:

  • Generate £200m of new revenue
  • Increase conversion rate by 50%
  • Reduce prospecting time by 90%

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KYC, Credit Risk and Customer Intelligence

One platform throughout the customer lifecycle

When you understand your customers inside-out, you can see new opportunities, you can spot hidden risks, and you can speed up information-gathering or onboarding processes.

Quantexa’s CDI platform lets you address these three applications in one place, in a single build, and using any data you have access to.

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See how our Contextual Decision Intelligence platform helps you better understand your customers, enables data-driven decision making, and speeds up your lending decisions.

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