What Rugby Taught Me About Growing A Successful Startup

8th of November 2018 - Jade Thomas
There are probably few similarities between your workplace and a rugby pitch, but the tactics you use and the values you uphold in rugby can teach you a lot about growing a successful business. From the moment you kick off and launch your startup, the choices you make about your strategy, team and culture will define what you accomplish as a company. […] more



5 Key Strategies for Marketing and Growing Your Start-up

14th of September 2018 - Jade Thomas
Most entrepreneurs are convinced they’re building the next big thing, but in reality, over 90 per cent of start-ups fail. To scale a start-up from 0 to £100 million, companies need to ensure they are creating something people want, building the right technology and executing an efficient business scaling strategy. While a business has many […] more
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