Criminals Are Using Your Dream Home To Clean Dirty Money

5th of December 2018 - Jade Thomas
Following a sudden increase in transactions from offshore companies back in 2015, the National Crime Agency warned that foreign criminals were using the UK property market to launder their dirty money. But three years on, we still have good reason to believe that this behavior continues to occur. The property sector is immune to sanctions and […] more



How AI Can Automate Decisions and Increase Accuracy: A Case Study

9th of April 2018 - Jade Thomas
Organisations across the globe are making billions of decisions every day. They are striving to execute decisions faster and more accurately to improve customer service and reduce costs. Most decisions are, of course, only as good as the facts upon which they are based. Shrewd organisations have realised that the more data they assess, the […] more



Investigators Need Context and Analytics to Detect Fraud Effectively

21st of November 2017 - quantexa
Fraud is a complex and far-reaching issue, having this year become the most commonly experienced crime in the UK. From international credit card fraud to opportunistic insurance fraud, the multi-faceted nature of fraud means that it cannot be tackled using a one-size-fits-all approach. Criminals use a variety of deceptive and underhand tactics to ensure that […] more
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