Build the Right Team to Build a Successful Startup

19th of October 2018 - Jade Thomas
By Thomas Fairey, CCO at Quantexa  A business has many measures of success. But, ultimately, if you want to grow a profitable and viable company, you need to turn your attention to generating revenue. As the Chief Revenue Officer, I helped lead the way to Quantexa exceeding a £100m valuation by aligning sales and marketing strategies to […] more



We Need to Look at The Whole Picture When it Comes to AML

17th of April 2018 - Jade Thomas
2017 saw several of the UK’s top tier banks get accused of inadvertently facilitating the laundering of enormous sums of money thought to be linked to crime rings and corrupt officials. Much of the media furor surrounding the scandals criticized the UK for being a target for international criminals looking to turn the profits of […] more
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