Frank Verkerk

ABN AMRO Ventures

Frank Verkerk is ABN Amro’s first Chief Digital Officer (2015) and member of the Board of Directors of the Retail Banking division. He has built an organization with eCommerce departments, 3 Tribes responsible for App and Web development, and all Customer Interaction platform technology (like Contact Center tech and conversational AI) working for the whole Group. From 2019 on he was asked to also take responsibility for (client-facing) Advanced Analytics & Data (including enterprise-wide responsibility for all MarTech development) and for Customer Centric Design. He founded AAB’s Corporate Venture Capital fund, AA Ventures (2016), and is Chairman of the Investment committee. He founded the P2P Payment platform Tikkie, which today is the largest platform in the Netherlands, servicing over 6M users. He is a Non-Executive Director on the Board for Tikkie. From 2012-2020 he was also a Non-Executive Director and member of the Supervisory Board of a Real Estate and Rental non-profit company, contributing to SDG goals around equality and sustainability. Before becoming CDO, he was the founder and CEO of Moneyou (2009), a challenger bank platform present in 4 European countries.

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