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Quantexa was formed by the team which drove two of the world’s leading proprietary fraud platforms. With the advent of scalable, open source, big data platforms we have extended these capabilities, using modern architecture to allow clients to benefit from open technology.

Our data science experts are world leaders and we want to share their knowledge and insight. We pride ourselves on our ability to coach data scientists of any level in our methods and technologies, so clients and partners can add to their own in-house expertise.

Business knowledge

Our advanced data science methods are combined with in-depth business knowledge, including industry best practice and client-specific processes. For instance, we have extensive pre-existing knowledge of effective detection logic and risk factors.

Open source expertise

Our architects and open source experts work with you to establish solutions that can be implemented in accordance with internal architectural guidelines and meet a wide range of non-functional requirements. We provide expertise on sizing, scalability and integration of the core open source platforms.

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