The Platform to Unify Data and Transform Your Decision-Making

Protect, optimize, and grow your organization at scale with Decision Intelligence. More is possible with the right data in the right context.

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What makes us different

Enterprises and Government Agencies have deployed our Decision Intelligence Platform to unify over 1 trillion siloed data records & counting.

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  • Accelerate deployment & time to value with low-code, schema free data ingestion
  • Scale up to 60 billion records
  • Reduce analysis time from weeks to hours
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  • Easy-to-integrate into your existing tech stack
  • Flexible, modular platform easily configured into your operations
  • Extensible with multiple views & use cases
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  • 99% matching accuracy for single views
  • 20% proven de-duplication of records
  • Over 75% reduction in false positive alerts
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  • Advanced permissions and role-based data access
  • White-box Machine Learning models
  • Transparent scoring and alerts

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