| Quantexa
Celent Case Study: Automating KYC Investigations with ABN AMRO

Explore how an automated approach to KYC has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of KYC investigations for ABN AMRO.

| Quantexa
NatWest Markets Case Study: Using Technology Across the Risk and Compliance Landscape [Video]

Learn why data is at the center of everything NatWest Markets do – and how you can achieve the same results.

| Delphine Masquelier
Why Adapt Existing Transaction Monitoring Capabilities to Tackle Cryptocurrency AML?

Find out more about the importance of tackling crypto AML compliance, and utilizing new technology and existing monitoring capabilities, here.

| Jasmine Sicular
Canada’s Evolving AML Landscape May Benefit from Advanced Technologies

In response to the new AML enforcement environment, find out how organizations are uplifting their compliance programs and monitoring systems.

| Quantexa
Future-Proof Your AML Investigations Using Context

Download the latest IDC infobrief to see how context can transform AML investigations and enable more effective and efficient risk management.

pandora papers leak
| Matthew Long
Pandora Papers: Exposing the Complex World of Offshore Finances with Context

Billed as “an offshore data tsunami”, the Pandora Papers has exposed the growing need for contextual decision intelligence.

investment fraud
| Ross Aubrey
Overcoming Investment Fraud with New Technology Solutions

Since the infamous Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, financial institutions are turning to fraud detection tech to protect them. Find out why.

aml innovation
| Quantexa
Quantexa named AML industry leader in Aite-Novarica Matrix Award

Quantexa has been awarded ‘AML Innovation of the Year’ at the Aite-Novarica Group AML Impact Innovation Award. 

lending fraud
| Ross Aubrey
Solving the Growing Problem of Loan Fraud with Advanced Analytics

There have been three steadily increasing types of loan fraud that are presenting challenges for FSIs worldwide. Find out what they are – and how advanced analytics can combat them.

| Alexon Bell
Contextual Monitoring: The New Standard for FinCrime and Fraud Detection and Investigations

As the cracks in the traditional approaches to financial crime and fraud detection and investigation deepen, a period of seismic disruption is underway – and Contextual Monitoring is at its forefront. Learn more about Quantexa’s innovative contextual monitoring platform, Syneo – designed to disrupt the current AML landscape by offering a new ‘investigate to detect’ approach based on actionable intelligence.

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