| Jamie Hutton
Unlocking Insight from Adverse Media Using Contextual Search for Unstructured Data

Learn how Contextual Search can help organizations find relevant information from their unstructured data to make better decisions at scale.

detecting scams
| Holly Miller
Detecting & Preventing Scams with Advanced Analytics

Find out how banks can detect and prevent the growing problem of scams using advanced analytics – and how scams have evolved since COVID-19.

| Jasmine Sicular
Canada’s Evolving AML Landscape May Benefit from Advanced Technologies

In response to the new AML enforcement environment, find out how organizations are uplifting their compliance programs and monitoring systems.

| Ross Aubrey
Why Complex Fraud Cases Require an Intelligence-Led Approach

Time-sensitive investigations happen frequently, and the consequences can be extreme. Discover a new approach to tackling complex fraud investigations.

investment fraud
| Ross Aubrey
Overcoming Investment Fraud with New Technology Solutions

Since the infamous Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, financial institutions are turning to fraud detection tech to protect them. Find out why.

organizational silos
| John Harms
Why the Rapid Growth of Cryptocurrency Demands Technological Innovation

The rapid growth of cryptocurrency presents major challenges for financial institutions, tax authorities and other regulators, demanding technological innovation. Find out why in our latest article.

lending fraud
| Ross Aubrey
Solving the Growing Problem of Loan Fraud with Advanced Analytics

There have been three steadily increasing types of loan fraud that are presenting challenges for FSIs worldwide. Find out what they are – and how advanced analytics can combat them.

| Jamie Hutton
Enterprise Scalability: The Most Important Capability for Entity Resolution

Overcoming data challenges and harnessing the value of big data starts with building a reliable and accurate data foundation. Entity resolution provides the foundation for better decision-making.

| Ross Aubrey
How New Technology is Changing the Face of Whistleblower Investigations

As whistleblower case counts rise – and potential penalties increase for companies that fail to follow the new requirements – the benefits of having effective investigative tools become clearer. Here’s why.

| Ross Aubrey
How To Detect Wash Trading and Market Manipulation

Financial criminals are using wash trades to move funds out of high-risk jurisdictions. With the right technology, you can uncover this hidden risk.

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