| Alexon Bell
Fraud Detection & Prevention: Contextual Monitoring for Investigators

Following the FinCEN Files leak of confidential suspicious activity reports, this article looks at how technology and data can enhance AML investigations and improve financial crime detection.

| Quantexa
Exploring Anti-Money Laundering Regulations & Fines

Evolving AML regulations and enforcement actions have seen FIs hit with large fines. Innovative technologies could be the answer to better AML detection.

| Quantexa
The Biggest AML Compliance Challenges Facing Financial Institutions in 2020

Financial institutions are faced with an evolving and threatening landscape. Find out more about emerging technologies and raising the bar for more effective and efficient AML compliance programs and systems.

| Quantexa
AML Detection & Investigation Management Report: Standard Chartered Bank [Case Study]

Financial institutions across the globe are facing increasing and evolving money laundering and financial crime threats. Regulators have imposed a […]

| Matthew Long
EU’s 5th AML Directive (5AMLD): The Key Changes to Financial Crime

Following a string of high-profile money laundering cases and devastating terror attacks across Europe, serious questions were raised about the […]

| Imam Hoque
The AI Revolution is Now: Why You Should Embrace AI Decisioning

Just as the Industrial Revolution transformed the world during the 18th and 19th centuries, we are facing the dawn of […]

| Shaun Mathieson
The Future of Conduct and Compliance in Australia

As the final report of the Royal Commission into banking lifts the veil on a history of malpractice within the […]

| Imam Hoque
Transparency, Trust And AI

“Trust is integral to all forms of software with a real-world application. Increasingly important decisions like criminal sentencing, credit applications […]

| Laura Hutton
What the Jerome Kerviel Case Can Teach Us About Fraud Detection 10 Years Later

The Kerviel Case This month marks a decade since Jérôme Kervielwas taken into custody after being accused of perpetrating the […]

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