| Christopher Sanders
4 Areas of Focus for Financial Services Firms Following the FCA Review 

The FCA’s review of firms’ Consumer Duty implementation plans highlights the positive progress made by some, but also the deficiencies in the approaches of others.

| Christopher Sanders
How to Achieve Growth & Manage Risk with Real-Time Customer Insights  

Discover how forward-thinking organizations are deploying new technologies to create a dynamic, contextual understanding of their customers.

| Christopher Sanders
Creating a 360 View of Complex Corporate Clients

Take a closer look at how you can create a connected client 360 view across complex corporate structures with our in-depth blog.

| Christopher Sanders
Delivering Hyper-Personalization Within Insurance

Find out how insurers, re-insurers and brokers can deliver more hyper-personalized customer experiences using advanced technology.

| Alastair Masson
Powering Advanced Analytics to Increase Telecoms EBITDA

Find out about powering advanced analytics to generate an increase in telecoms EBITDA, and the importance of being a Math House to avoid becoming a legacy company here.

| Christopher Sanders
Using Context to Drive Personalized Customer Experiences at Scale

Discover how you can increase revenues by up to 15% by delivering personalized customer experiences at scale through digital channels.  

| Christopher Sanders
How Banks Can Use Supply Chain Analytics To Enhance Client Experience

Learn how supply chain analytics transform the way banks extract value from customer data, enhancing dynamic decision-making across all operations.

organizational silos
| Christopher Sanders
How to Break Down Organizational Silos & Unlock Data Value

Are organizational silos holding you back from driving value across your company? Learn about the challenges of organizational silos and how to break them down by using a customer intelligence platform that combines entity resolution and network generation to create a connected view of customers.

organizational silos
| John Harms
Why the Rapid Growth of Cryptocurrency Demands Technological Innovation

The rapid growth of cryptocurrency presents major challenges for financial institutions, tax authorities and other regulators, demanding technological innovation. Find out why in our latest article.

| Quantexa
Define Your Global Approach to Claims & Fraud with Data-Driven Intelligence

In this webinar, discover how centralized approaches across data and operations are key to improving the effectiveness of insurance claims and fraud processing.

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