| Holly Miller
Maintaining Supply Chain Integrity (Part 2)

In the second blog in the protecting supply chain integrity series, explore why one-off, look-back, due diligence is no longer adequate.

| Adam Jaffe
U.K Cabinet Office Is Making Gains in the Fight Against Covid-19 Fraud Using Cutting-Edge Technology

By leveraging the power of decision intelligence, the U.K. Government aims to recoup millions in fraudulently claimed loans granted during the pandemic — and arm lenders and other departments with insight to prevent future economic crimes.

| Quantexa
Cutting Edge Data and AI Tech to Help Government Hunt Down Fraudsters

Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform will be implemented to fight economic crime, targeting public services and modernizing the civil service.

| Holly Miller
Why You Need A Holistic View of Integrity Risks Within The Supply Chain  

Businesses that support organizations through their supply chain face a growing number of risks. Learn how Decision Intelligence can help.

| Cameron Scott
How Modern Technology Is Supporting UK Government Efforts To Crack Down On Fraud

The UK government has the opportunity to capitalize on the latest advancements in technology to operationalize the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill to prevent fraud. Find out how.

| Quantexa
Quantexa Wins Fraud Prevention Solution of the Year at Asia Risk Technology Awards 2022

Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform is recognized for helping global organizations enhance their fraud detection efforts.

| Ross Aubrey
How to Combat Internal Fraud in a Hybrid Work Environment 

The sudden shift to remote working has created even more opportunities for corrupt insiders to operate. Many experts believe the incidence of internal fraud is growing. But better analytics tools can help curb the rising risks – and here’s how.

| Thomas McNally
Are You Suffering with the Challenges of Defensive Alerting? 

In this article, learn how you can overcome the challenges of defensive alerting with a Contextual Monitoring approach.

| Ross Aubrey
Scams: You Can Prevent More Than You Think 

Learn how you can tackle the rising tide of internet-enabled crime by leveraging the power of advanced analytics technology.

| Ross Aubrey
Combatting the Rising Risk of Buy Now, Pay Later Fraud  

Discover how you can overcome the fight against BNPL fraud with context, by leveraging the power of advanced analytics technology.

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