| Quantexa
In Context: Enhancing KYC and AML Efforts With Innovative Technology

Today’s banking environment is rapidly evolving thanks to new technologies that are allowing organizations to get a full, 360-degree view of their customers. We caught up with Scott Nathan from Citi on the challenges the banking industry faces today and how savvy financial institutions are using technology to meet those challenges.

| Clark Frogley
New Technology Provides Safeguards Against Intellectual Property Theft

Learn how new technologies can help governments and other organizations stop bad actors from usurping valuable intellectual property.

| Christopher Sanders
Delivering Hyper-Personalization Within Insurance

Find out how insurers, re-insurers and brokers can deliver more hyper-personalized customer experiences using advanced technology.

| Quantexa
Your Journey to Supervised Machine Learning [Methodology Framework]

Access Quantexa’s AI & Analytics methodology to unlock insights today and begin your journey to better AI and machine learning models.

| Ross Aubrey
Surveillance & Transaction Monitoring Trends to Watch in 2022

Find out more about the transaction and surveillance monitoring trends for 2022, including data integration and remote supervision of employee conduct.

| Quantexa
Guide to Contextual MDM: Put meaning back into your data

Learn how a contextual approach to master data management can help you to empower a data-centric culture that drives business value.

| Jasmine Sicular
Canada’s Evolving AML Landscape May Benefit from Advanced Technologies

In response to the new AML enforcement environment, find out how organizations are uplifting their compliance programs and monitoring systems.

| Ross Aubrey
Leveraging Meta Data for Holistic Monitoring of Employee Behavior

Find out more about our holistic surveillance & trader supervision capabilities to effectively monitor employee conduct and behavior.

| Quantexa
Data Decision Gap Risks Holding Back Economic Recovery, Global Research Finds

Learn how to close the data decision gap in the first-ever Data in Context report based on interviews with 750 IT and data decision-makers.

| Quantexa
Quantexa Evolves Technology to Help Enterprises Face Data Explosion

The latest version of the Quantexa platform hones capabilities to reduce friction in big data exploration, boost efficiency and deliver deep insights.

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