Uncover the context in your data

Data teams are tasked with empowering our organizations with the tools, solutions, innovation, and insights to build efficiency and resiliency. But for decades, the same problem has persisted: they struggle to unlock the power of context in their data.

The truth is, only by achieving trusted single views of your data and understanding relevant connections will your organization attain truly exceptional data accuracy, far better-performing models, data-driving insights, and ultimately experience improved impact and results enterprise-wide.


Struggling to utilize your data?

Your data no longer needs to be perfect to be used. Give your teams tools designed to work with your imperfect data to be useful: siloed, of poor quality, complex, or high in volume.

Data quality
Complex, siloed data
Operationalizing data

High-quality data is essential; achieving it has been hard

With distributed and disparate data generated by internal and external applications and sources, data quality can be easily compromised. Without the necessary standards, processes, and technologies in place, organizations struggle to ensure quality is maintained over time.

How it works

Future-proof your data strategy with Decision Intelligence


Build a trusted data foundation

Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence (DI) Platform gives you the ability to cleanse, enrich, match, and understand your data by connecting siloed sources, publishing and visualizing complex relationships through real-world context. The result is a single view of data that becomes your organization’s most trusted and reusable organizational resource.

Whatever your data strategy, we make your solid data foundation achievable by simplifying data ingestion at scale, providing accurate and transparent AI-powered data matching, continuously enhancing data quality, and accelerating data utilization across your entire organization.

Seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure


Put Quantexa's advanced capabilities to work

Low-code data ingestion

Accelerate data onboarding with low-code, scalable, high-performance data preparation and ingestion, speeding up ROI and providing a basis for the most valuable insights possible.

Entity Resolution

Connect disparate internal and external data at scale with 99% accuracy. Leverage unique flexibility across multiple use cases and granular security protocols.

Graph Analytics

Reveal the context of how people, organizations, and things relate to each other, automatically compiling the most meaningful connections to inform specific business decisions.

Augmented and automated decision-making

Put your data to work with a continuous stream of relevant insights to maximize the value of your data, solve business problems, and capture otherwise hidden opportunities.


Total Economic ImpactTM of the Quantexa Decision Intelligence Platform

In-the-know data pro's for banking, insurance, telecommunications, and in government agencies, are achieving significant results with Quantexa. Get your copy and see how.

Key statistics

The following results are for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers.

  • 228%

    Return on investment over 3 years

  • $50M

    Present value over 3 years

  • 8 month

    Payback period


Quantexa provides us the ability to source and fuse data in a flexible and scalable ecosystem and it provides a multi-dimensional view of the customer almost in real-time. It enables us to use this model to reduce risk and to reduce the amount of infrastructure and human resources and monetize data assets.”


Net benefits of what a three-year journey to Decision Intelligence implementation could look like


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