Connecting data. Empowering decisions.

Connecting data. Empowering decisions.

Drive better decisions from your data

Quantexa works in the world of data analytics, helping companies join all the dots of their data. By bringing data together, analysing it and using it to gain insights, we enable companies like yours to make enlightened choices.

Protect against fraud, bribery and corruption

Using data analysis and market insights to quantify losses, we can help you create a priority-based tactical and long-term strategy. The Quantexa technology provides you with a flexible and adaptable system to help you understand your fraud and ABC risk exposure.

Improve your effectiveness in monitoring AML risks

Quantexa technology can help identify not only the customer in front of you, but also their relationships with other people, places and companies. Connect the dots more quickly with our technology and make better use of your resources.

Meet your business’s data challenges head on

Your organisation will be demanding some, or all, of the following: higher customer acquisition, better compliance, lower fraud, lower acquisition costs and improved operational efficiency overall. Quantexa’s unique technology will support at each level, enabling superior use of your data.

Actionable intelligence from risk model development

The Quantexa technology means you can map risks posed by individuals and counterparties through a range of machine learning, scoring, key risk indicator creation and risk model development.

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Entity Resolution

See how you can get a single view of a customer or any other real-life entity.

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Network Analytics

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Network Scoring

Create a scoring framework to drive decisions on Risk, AML and more.

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