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Our technology influences decision-making all over the world, but we’re more than data day-to-day. We’re a global collaboration of bright minds that inspire each other.

the Quantexa effect

The number of industries our technology can help is yet to be fully discovered. From humanitarian organizations to global finance, the data we help to contextualize underpins decision-making that supports communities on so many levels. But it's the people behind the data, our Quantexans, that make it happen.

What we do.


Data in our DNA.

“I’ve always been close to the market, the problem, and, therefore, the solutions. We’re not just creating tech for fun – what we’re doing is impacting society. It’s in our DNA. The relationships we have with some of the largest organizations on the planet trust Quantexa to solve some of their mission-critical problems.”

Vishal Marria
CEO & Founder

Customer-first mindset.

"There are many different dimensions to customer excellence. For me, it’s about achieving real business impact, whether that be helping to prevent trafficking, terrorism or other serious crimes that affect real people, or indeed driving growth and business optimization. Customer excellence is multifaceted – there is so much more to it than just delivering solutions."

Laura Hutton
Chief Customer Officer & Co-founder

Tech with stacks of impact.

We solve seriously hard problems. We’re building software that needs to adapt to the complex and varied data which it processes, at the sort of scale that our clients require. The best bit of our job is understanding how complex a problem and domain is – then building something that solves it in an elegant and uncomplicated way.”

Ian Lees
Director of Engineering

Life at Q.

"I take care of different teams around the world. In terms of cultures and language, what I love is the difference and the variety of work. I was really pleased to join a company where people are the main focus. I’m surrounded by such knowledgeable people who I learn a lot from. It’s pretty rapid growth."

Charlotte Dresch
People Advisor

Graduates at Q.

"I was told tech might not be a career for me, having not done computer science at a degree level. One thing I was really impressed by at Quantexa was that they looked at me like an individual rather than a number. Sometimes as a grad, you think you have to fit perfectly into the role, but that’s selling yourself short – you are much more than your job."

Marie Middleton

Growth without boundaries.

"When I started as a recruiter at Quantexa, I was the 120th person to join. Now, we have over 650 people at Quantexa, and I head up the Talent Team I have built. Even through the birth of my first child, which was a really special time, my stakeholders and my team gave me space to spend those special moments with her without being called upon – that’s amazing. I feel blessed to have such great support around me."

Richard Stern
Head of Talent

Where we do it.

8 million people. 800 languages. And lots of big buildings.
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New York
A place where a boat can sail under a train going under a vehicle driving under a plane.
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A city of 10,000,000 trees. And counting.
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Big Ben. Buckingham Palace. And the famous Quantexa headquarters.
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Renowned for its waffles, and chocolate. Yum.
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300 days of sunshine a year – good vibes only.
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The city of drinking fountains – over 1,200 of them.
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Population 821,000. Bicycles 1,200,000. Dring dring.
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The home of Guinness and Ireland’s oldest library.
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Not one, not two, but three official languages.
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The world’s most livable city seven years in a row.
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Over 100 beaches in one city.
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One of the world’s greenest cities. And there’s a boat on a building.
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The most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. Tuck in.
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It’s one of the hottest places on Earth. And also one of the coolest.
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Perks and quirks.


Hybrid working

We’re all about balance. So, you can find the right amount of support, autonomy, and freedom to do your best work. When it comes to hybrid working, we certainly don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. We shape our hybrid working approach to help you get the best from your career and life.


Always learning

If you need it, our accredited, tech-focused Quantexa Academy can take care of it. Or jump on our mentorship program, pick a buddy to work with, take dedicated learning time for yourself and access funding. Our business growth plan means there’s an opportunity for you to join us on the journey. And we never leave a Quantexan behind.


Laugh and have fun

It’s not all work, work, work. We genuinely like each other. From ski trips to quarterly company-funded activities together that are fun, exciting, and always an adventure.


Health at Q

A healthy Quantexan is a happy Quantexan. We provide mental and physical well-being support, well-being days, enhanced maternity, paternity, adoption, or shared parental leave, health insurance, and other benefits relative to the country you’re in, such as gym discounts.


The Q lifestyle

Firstly, and importantly, you get your birthday off. Help your favorite cause with your volunteer day. Or there’re loads of social clubs to get involved in and even a cycle-to-work scheme*. Like rock climbing? We’ve got a social club for that. We bring our passions to work – it’s what makes us Q. Did we mention our offices are dog-friendly?

*UK Only



The days of dull, uninspiring lines of desks in poorly-lit spaces and nowhere to go are long behind us. Our global network of offices is designed with our creative, social, and collaborative culture at the heart.

What others say.


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