Entity Resolution

Connect disparate and ambiguous data at scale with unprecedented accuracy to create complete 360° views of people, organizations and places.

How Entity Resolution Improves Data Quality and Drives Better Business Decisions


Dynamic, innovative, multi-use

Quantexa’s enterprise-grade Entity Resolution delivers unparalleled accuracy by combining an understanding of the real world with advanced machine learning and AI techniques. Quantexa supports multiple use cases and applications from a single platform. 


How is Quantexa’s Entity Resolution different? 

Accurate and complete data built on four core principles:


Leverage multiple use cases with no data duplication. Ingest data once and resolve entities in real-time or in batch, for any number of use cases and fine-grained security.


Deliver unparalleled accuracy with AI-powered data matching that reasons like a human, uses all available data to make incremental matches and adds context by connecting third-party data.​ 


Increase confidence in analytics and automated decisions with open and transparent models. Understand the context created, explain results and validate models. 


Scale to tens of billions of records with unparalleled performance and accuracy. Our global customers have deployed Quantexa across over 60 countries, hundreds of millions of customers, tens of billions of transactions and multi-billion record external data sources.

Use cases

Create an accurate 360° view of real-world entities in your data

Build a unified view of your data

Uncover real-world entities from multiple disparate data sources using best-in-class entity resolution.

Enhance data quality

Eliminate duplicates and overcome missing or poor quality data, even where data has been intentionally manipulated. 

Unlock data-driven decisions

Gain confidence in your data to power strategic and operational decisions across the organization.

Power Graph Analytics

Build richer and more meaningful graphs based on real-world entities and the relationships between them.


What we have achieved

60x faster

data resolution for rapid time to value

99% accuracy

of data matching through Entity Resolution

20% reduction

in records through de-deduplication

Data Matching technology

Product features

  • Low-code data ingest

    Speedier schema-less data onboarding with automated data mapping and the ability to process complex nested data structures such as companies, organizations and other complex entities.

  • Intelligent data preparation

    A collection of ML and NLP models cleanse, parse, transliterate and synonymize data across structured and unstructured data sources. ML models are trained and tuned for each country in the world.

  • ML-powered data matching

    ML-powered out-of-the-box Entity Resolution models designed to overcome data availability and quality issues with no need for pre-resolved training data. ML models are fully transparent, explainable and extensible.

  • Batch & dynamic modes

    Dual architecture that allows you to resolve entities with exceptional performance both as a one-off in batch as well as real-time & dynamically, at the time of request.

  • Transparent entity quality scoring and tuning

    A suite of AI-powered models that can be used to identify over and underlinked entities or tune Entity Resolution configurations.

  • Open architecture

    Deploy on-prem or in your preferred cloud. Integrate with your existing data science and analytics environment, data lakes, warehouses and more via fully supported APIs and libraries.

How it works

Transform the value of your data 

Built on proven, scalable open-source technologies like Hadoop, Spark and Elastic. 

category-leading technology

Our Decision Intelligence Platform

Build a single view of data and create a culture of confidence around critical decision-making that protects, optimizes, and grows your organization.

Entity Resolution in action

Unlock the power of Decision Intelligence

Protect, optimize, and grow your organization today.