Graph Analytics

Real-world representations of your data through meaningful and functional graphs.

Enabling context-informed decisions

Quantexa’s Graph Analytics creates more complete graphs based on best-in-class Entity Resolution enabling you to drive informed business decisions. 

Bring together billions of data points from internal and external data sources to create dynamic views of the entities, connections, and relationships that matter to you.

Our Network Generation and Knowledge Graph technologies equip data-driven analysts and data scientists with the tools to understand and use context represented in graphs in the models they build and the decisions they make.

Why Quantexa?

Scalable, flexible, and intuitive graphs

Analyze, visualize, and understand hidden connections in your data across disparate data sources to build better models and drive better decisions.

Network Generation

Dynamic and explorable graphs

Build task-specific real-time views of the entities and their connections in your data.

  • Generate tailored entity networks without duplication of data for multiple use cases

  • Detect and identify patterns of interest through entity relationships and transaction flows

  • Enhance analyst led decisions by leveraging context to reveal risks and opportunities

  • Use context as features to improve model performance

Knowledge Graphs

Wider and deeper insights

Analyze 100% of your data and utilize obscure and hidden connections with contextual analytics and graph machine learning.

  • Discover and extract more critical insights at scale

  • Build multiple representations and perspectives on the same graph data with ease

  • Traverse billions of edges without compromising on throughput with high frequency querying

  • Extend your analysis and modelling capabilities with supported libraries, custom models, and open-source algorithms

Use cases

Scalable and intuitive context from rich graphs

Connect and visualize data at scale

Build enterprise-wide entity graphs with the same underlying data foundation using intuitive exploratory views in batch or real-time.

Uncover hidden risks and opportunities

Identify risks and opportunities with out-of-the-box or custom scoring models and maintain flexibility and control of the models you build.

Make more informed decisions

Understand complex entity connections, transaction flows, and uncover critical insights with intuitive network visualizations.

Enhance model performance

Leverage the power of context to build and fine tune more accurate and performant contextual analytics and machine learning models.

How it works

Product features

  • Solid data foundation

    Built on category leading Entity Resolution to represent real-world views.

  • Batch and dynamic modes

    Build graphs on the fly with no down time and no data duplication across multiple use cases.

  • Out-of-the-box scoring models

    Low-code deployment of use case and industry specific scoring models.

  • Custom scoring

    Support for custom analytical models and open graph algorithms.

  • Model optimization

    Easily leverage contextual insight for interpretability, tuning, and enhanced model performance.

  • Data exploration

    Advanced visualizations and investigation capabilities for both data scientists and operational decision makers.


How is Quantexa’s Graph Analytics different?

Supports batch and dynamic use cases for wide and deep analytics across disparate data.

category-leading technology

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