What is Composite AI? And how is it helping Quantexa's customers?

Recorded by Quantexa

Quantexa has been driving AI innovation since its inception. It uses AI at the core of its Decision Intelligence Platform to help our customers unify data and create ‘context’ to make accurate and reliable decisions. Relying on one particular AI model, technique, or approach can lead to limitations in perspective, adaptability, and overall performance. Our Composite AI Stack uses a combination of subject matter expertise and domain knowledge and a variety of machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning techniques. By leveraging the strengths and outputs of these different and combined methods we ensure our models are more adaptable, highly accurate, extensible, and overall more effective. As well as this, our exclusive access to extensive volumes of both structured and unstructured industry data to train our out-of-the-box models. This holistic approach, coupled with our ability to leverage our subject matter expertise and domain knowledge as crucial inputs throughout the model building, testing, and optimization process ensures our customers have the capabilities to solve complex business problems with a higher degree of accuracy and trust. Additionally, we empower our clients with the necessary tools and capabilities in our stack to customize models or develop their own models as required.