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We use AI at the core of our Decision Intelligence Platform to help our customers unify data and create context to make accurate and reliable decisions.


The Quantexa AI Stack

Our AI capabilities are built on three core differentiating principles:

Context-based learning

Context is crucial for AI to make informed decisions. By incorporating context-based techniques, we can surface more data which enables us to answer more questions and understand the connections relationships, and patterns in data. This derived context serves as the foundation for our AI's ability to make precise predictions that inform critical business decisions.

Composite AI

Relying on one particular AI model, technique, or approach can lead to limitations in perspective, adaptability, and overall performance. Composite AI leverages the strengths and outputs of classical and emerging methods and combines them with domain expertise to ensure our models are adaptable, flexible, and effective.

Explainability and trust

Ensuring transparency and explainability of business decisions is of utmost importance for any organization, particularly those in the regulated domains we operate in. At Quantexa, explainability drives trust and underpins responsible AI. We address explainability and trust through our technology and governance practices, meaning both technical and non-technical teams can easily grasp the context they have established, explain the obtained results, and validate the predictions and decisions made with ease.


Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence

Our AI is flexible, explainable, and adaptable. It allows us to address a wider set of business problems and deliver more powerful solutions for our customers. 

We combine a wide range of different approaches, techniques, models, and algorithms across our DI platform.

We believe in the power of human and AI teaming for better augmented decision-making, enabling our customers to address a wider range of use cases with greater confidence.   

the result

AI-powered transformational outcomes

Access a wider scope of information

Gain a better understanding of all available information and uncover valuable insights that may otherwise be overlooked.

Make better and faster decisions

Enable more effective and efficient decisions by delivering more performant models that address specific business challenges.

Be flexible and adaptable

Utilize cross-industry and use case coverage to support the decisions you make at scale while deploying, customizing, and tuning models with ease.

Drive augmented intelligence

Make critical business decisions, reduce the burden of repetitive tasks, and enable teams to be more productive while allocating more time to high-value activities.


Ingest and connect data, build context, and make more informed decisions


ML, NLP, and DL builds a 360-degree customer view across internal and external data

Create Context

Graph Analytics uncovers complex and hidden relationships between entities

Decide and Act

Customizable ML models detect risks and opportunities

We are investing our time, money, and resources into the biggest technological breakthrough for generations, as it will transform how organizations make decisions. We’re proud to invest in London-based innovation, but the impact will be felt by the global economy and will start a ripple effect that will unlock Decision Intelligence capabilities for our clients and their respective industries.”
Vishal Marria
Founder and CEO, Quantexa


Our investment in AI research and development

Over £200M by 2027

in support of making the UK an AI hub


in new global investments


dedicated UK investment

We want to ensure the UK remains the best place in the world to build, test, and use safe AI technology. Quantexa’s new £85M London AI Innovation Centre will help cement this reality.”
Rishi Sunak
UK Prime Minister

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