About Quantexa


More than a decade ago, our founders pioneered network analytics.
Now, we’ve combined the same innovative approach with the latest data and analytics technology to help organizations identify and connect the relationships that matter the most to empower better operational decisions.


This is the story of who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Born out of necessity

When Quantexa was founded, hundreds of data-intensive organizations around the world were facing up to the same challenges—they couldn’t close the gap between all the data they were accumulating and the millions of mission critical decisions their organization needed to make every year.


We were approached by two global enterprises under intense scrutiny from regulators, looking for both a better, more efficient way to use their data and a way to seriously improve accuracy and lower their costs.


We quickly realized that every data-intensive organization is facing the same challenges these regulated organizations were dealing with years ago.

Today we’re helping organizations across banking, insurance, the public sector, and beyond to change the way they make millions of operational decisions every year.

We solve the hardest data problems where complexity exists and scale is needed

Our vision at Quantexa is for all organizations to have the ability to harness their data to uncover hidden risk and discover new opportunities. To use data for good across real-world problems.


Working with us gives you access to world-class specialists and leading edge contextual decisioning technology.


The people who built our platform pioneered network analytics back in 2004, where they worked in the most challenging security environments. Now, they’re joined by Quantexa’s software, data and analytics experts, and supported by specialists in financial crime, fraud, customer intelligence, and compliance .


Whatever challenge you face, whatever application you have—our experts help you adopt our open technology within your environment.


The technology platform we’ve built is sustainable and scalable as part of an industry ecosystem: it evolves with the market. We work with Tier 1 organizations worldwide, like HSBC, and Standard Chartered Bank, helping these businesses handle tens of billions of records.


With real-time entity resolution, network generation and advanced analytics, we create the context that helps organizations make more informed and accurate decisions – faster.

Our executive board and leadership team

Meet our leadership team, board and the people who advise us.

Meet the team

Industry recognition

Information Security

Information Security is at the core of what we do. We are committed to promoting effective controls across the range of information, technical, personnel, and physical security to maintain the confidentiality of our and our client’s data.

Information Security at Quantexa

Careers at Quantexa


Our technology addresses real-world problems, it’s innovative and it’s making a real difference in the world. To build technology that shapes the world, we need a diverse and dedicated team behind it.


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Our partners


With collective expertise, proven ability and co-innovation, Quantexa’s partner programme is creating an industry-wide ecosystem that empowers a multitude of organizations to harness the power of context and deliver differentiation at scale.


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