Better context, better financial crime detection

There’s an increasing amount of regulatory pressure to prevent financial crime, and agile new entrants are resetting expectations around real-time responses.


But you’ve got more data than ever—all you need is the right technology to help your team make faster, more accurate decisions.

Siloed data is causing inefficiencies and inaccurate decisions

There’s increasing pressure from regulators
Regulators expect more robust processes to detect criminal activity—which you can’t do by monitoring transactions in isolation.
The right intelligence isn’t available when you need it

Your organization has all the data it needs—but siloed data is preventing you from seeing the bigger picture and understanding your customers.
Manual processes are weighing your team down

Manual processes are inefficient and laborious. And vast amounts of data means there’s a high risk of missing risks and opportunities.

Solutions for banks and financial institutions

Uncover intelligence
you couldn’t before


Discover hidden risks and opportunities by seeing the relationships between people, organizations, places, ownership structures and transactions.


And start seeing the world in more than one dimension.

Uncover intelligence
you couldn’t before


This is a new way to use data designed to reveal risks—and opportunities—you can’t see today.




Reduce false positives

Improve efficiency using proven mitigating factors to identify common false positive patterns.


Meet regulatory requirements

Take a transparent and accurate approach to fighting financial crime.


Improve decision making

Make cost-effective and faster decisions across your entire organization.




Connect data wherever it is,
however it is

Our entity resolution dynamically connects your internal and external data to reveal single views of billions of entities.


Create a dynamic view
of the bigger picture

Reveal the connections between billions of records to see the relationships between people, organizations and transactions that matter most to your decisions.


Build analytics models
based on real-world expertise

Develop models, that leverage context, based on the typologies your most effective teams look for, to help you automate millions of operational decisions.

Contextual Decision Intelligence changes the way everyone makes decisions

Find out why


How to use decision intelligence in banks and financial institutions

Discover how you can use Contextual Decision Intelligence to improve decision making and deliver value across multiple business areas, including anti-money laundering, KYC, fraud detection, credit risk, compliance, MDM, and prospecting.


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An industry-first automated trade AML system

HSBC Global Trade and Receivables Finance (GTRF) business wanted to improve the effectiveness of its AML monitoring to better combat financial crime.


Quantexa’s contextual approach enables the bank to better identify suspicious patterns and potential criminal networks by combining customer and counterparty trade information, transactional data and external insights.


Our technology automatically screens more than 5.8 million trade finance transactions each year against over 50 different scenarios that indicate signs of money laundering. This is double the average number of checks against indicators at a transaction-level.

Read the case study

HSBC AML case study

Revolutionizing financial crime with intelligence-led investigations

Standard Chartered Bank implemented Quantexa technology to conduct more effective and efficient thematic financial investigations.


The enhanced capabilities provided by the Contextual Decision Intelligence platform enables Standard Chartered Bank to gain a holistic view of investigations and risk across billions of data points from more than 40 countries. 


By automating manual data gathering, the bank’s investigators can focus on finding true risk and ensure improved consistency throughout investigations.

Find out how

Increase your coverage.
Lower your costs.

The cost of compliance is unsustainable when your people don’t have the right tools to make accurate decisions fast enough.


Our platform reveals hidden relationships between people and organizations, so your teams spend less time on each decision—and still deliver better outcomes.


Which means you can lower the cost of compliance while increasing coverage across your organization to decrease the overall risk.


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Why use the Quantexa platform

Build Once, Use Many, Ingest to Create a Single View with Networks

Apply your data to multiple use cases—without replicating data sets.

Make Faster, More Accurate Decisions

Use context to improve decision accuracy across the organization, find new opportunities and uncover risk.

Scale to Billions of Records in Batch or Real-time

Built on proven, scalable open-source technologies like Hadoop, Spark and Elastic.

Future-proofed Open Architecture

Integrate seamlessly into your existing IT ecosystem, with flexible deployment options: native, or containerized for private and public cloud.

Ensure Data Transparency

Use explainable data linking, advanced AI and decision models for regulatory compliance.

Keep Data Secure

Rely on granular security levels for dynamic control, with all activity audited.

Speedy Time-to-value

Operationalize your data in a matter of months – not years.

Overcome Data
Quality Issues

Use entity resolution and data volume to overcome missing or poor quality data.

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