Build a strong data foundation to get ahead of the competition. Uphold regulatory compliance by effectively fighting financial crime and fraud. Deliver personalized and trusted customer experiences.

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Transform for the future of banking

It’s time to embrace radical shifts in financial services. Fend off competition and deliver new products and services that digital consumers demand. With Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence solutions, empower teams to use trusted decision-making to meet market challenges and thrive in the digital age.

With Quantexa you can:

Build a strong data foundation

Solve data quality problems and scale to big data to improve accuracy in decision-making with advanced customer intelligence and data management solutions.

Understand customer behaviors

Create a holistic view of customers and their relationships to mitigate risk, optimize operations, improve the customer experience and accelerate revenue growth.

Mitigate financial crime risk

Go beyond a single transaction with Contextual Monitoring to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of risk monitoring, detection, investigation, and decision-making.

Fight fraud with context

Create context to quickly detect and prevent fraud at scale – even the most sophisticated and evolving threats – to reduce losses and protect customers.


See what Decision Intelligence can do for your organization

Fight fraud and financial crime, optimize commercial credit risk or improve prospecting and customer intelligence. Harness the power of contextual data and networks to uncover hidden risk, and opportunities quickly and accurately.


Create trusted views of your data

Build a trusted data foundation to address master data and data quality problems. Using entity resolution, Quantexa improves accuracy even with poor-quality data, handle complex hierarchies and relationships, scale to big data, and support multiple use cases from one instance.


Attract and onboard new customers with ease

Adopt a dynamic approach to customer due diligence that provides continuous, real-time insight into their network of relationships, so that you can automatically detect risk and identify new opportunities to grow your organization.


Grow relationships, revenues and profitability

Unify customer data to create a trusted holistic view of their history, preferences, behavior, and networks to deliver more personalized experiences, uncover opportunities to cross-sell and upsell, and generate new sales leads.


Detect fraud, financial crime and risk faster

Maximize holistic views of customers to detect, investigate and continuously monitor portfolios with automation to maintain accurate profiles, identify financial crime and fraud and strengthen resiliency within existing customers and prospective accounts.


What we have achieved


Less investigation time 


Fewer false positives


Increase in fraud savings


Reduction in time spent prospecting

HSBC uses Decision Intelligence to combat financial crime and fraud

With Quantexa's Decision Intelligence Platform, HSBC automates data gathering to connect data and provide a full picture of its customers and their counterparties. HSBC uses Quantexa to help improve risk management and assist investigators in detecting illicit activities faster while opening new areas to better serve its customers.


Reduction of case volumes


Customers worldwide


Potential savings

ABN AMRO transforms KYC processes with award-winning technology

Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform allows ABN AMRO to generate holistic views of corporate customers using higher-quality data – and focus KYC resources on investigating real financial crimes. The bank’s initial platform deployment was so transformative, it earned a 2022 Celent Model Risk Manager Award.


Unified external and customer accounts


Investigators’ productivity


Costs through automation

Standard Chartered uses Decision Intelligence to fight financial crime

Standard Chartered deploys Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform to consolidate the bank’s extensive data on a single platform, connect the dots within the data, and construct a holistic view of parties, transactions, and interrelated associations to better manage financial crime risks and threats.


Fincrime investigators

1 billion

Transactions yearly

$2 trillion

Annual loss to money laundering

Learn how Decision Intelligence helps banks attract, keep, and protect customers and shareholders.

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