Connect and operationalize data to maximize premium growth. Limit customer churn. Minimize loss ratios.

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Improve your Combined Operating Ratio

Gain confidence in your decisions by analyzing risk faster, delivering richer customer-centric analytics, and automating claims and fraud decisions across the enterprise. Quantexa shines a light on hidden risks and opportunities through a contextual 360-degree view of every party you interact with.

With Quantexa you can:

Improve loss ratios

Automated decisioning across the underwriting and claims journey to stop leakage, prevent fraud, and achieve indemnity savings of over $100m a year.

Increase customer value

Increase quotability and conversion by up to 50% with greater customer and prospect insights through the distribution and underwriting process.

Power touchless-processing

Automate straight-through claims and low-touch applications with trust through a holistic view of customer segmentation, propensity, fraud, and recoveries.

Identify hidden risk exposure

Proactively monitor portfolios and conduct automated risk analysis with a 360-degree view across KYC, sanctions, supply-chain ESG, and credit risk exposures.


See what Decision Intelligence can do for your organization

Connect and operationalize all data assets to maximize premium growth, enhance customer acquisition, and reduce risk exposure and fraud across the value chain.


Grow premium income by over 1%

Create an accurate, automated, holistic view of all policyholders, applications, and other first parties across any product line, brand, and region with Quantexa. Identify churn risks, deliver personalized cross-sell offers, and monitor customer experience across the lifecycle.


Reduce data complexity by over 20%

Remove silos across internal and external data sources to create trusted views of your data. Handle sparse and low-quality data with greater accuracy by uniquely resolving dynamic real-time views of every party, entity and risk object, and achieve greater accuracy of relationships and hierarchies to support multiple use-cases as a data utility across the enterprise.


Improve loss ratios by 1-3%

Enable a more robust and holistic approach to protecting your business with a 360-degree view of fraud risk across underwriting, policy management, claims, supply-chains and insider threats. Identify twice as much suspicious activity with a 70% reduction in false positives to ensure you treat good customer fairly.


What we have achieved


Improvement in quotability and conversion


Improvement in fraud impact


Faster customer profiling and risk assessment across underwriting


Reduction in complex case handling

Prudential accelerates fraud reduction capabilities

Prudential chose Quantexa to lower risks to its business by identifying and preventing loss due to fraud, bribery, and corruption. With the Quantexa Decision Intelligence Platform, Prudential can conduct due diligence and continuously monitor for potential illicit activities.


Claims connected to fraud


Fraud identification


Customer service


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