How Decision Intelligence Is Revolutionizing the Insurance Value Chain

Innovative insurers are using Decision Intelligence to connect the right data to make better decisions with confidence.

It's time for transformation

The insurance industry is evolving dramatically to meet diverse challenges impacting every part of the insurance value chain. And the most successful insurers today are those moving fastest to innovate their use of data and embrace a new age of digital transformation: Decision Intelligence.  

Still, even with a strong commitment to modernization, change isn’t easy. To unify their data and generate actionable intelligence for decision-making, insurers need to overcome a host of challenges, from legacy IT systems to fragmented and siloed information. Here’s where Decision Intelligence technology can help.  

With the right Decision Intelligence Platform, insurers can connect and operationalize their data, from any source and of any quality, to develop a richer and more comprehensive understanding of every applicant, customer, claimant, third-party, supplier and risk across the entire insurance value change. 

These insurers are also seeing impressive results – like a 1%+ reduction in loss ratios through automated underwriting and claims decisioning.  

In this e-book, our Head of Insurance Solutions at Quantexa, Alex Johnson, explains how leading insurers around the globe are using Decision Intelligence to: 

  • Gain the context they need to make more accurate decisions faster 

  • Implement robust risk and fraud controls across the insurance value chain 

  • Increase customer value and premium incomes 

  • Uncover new opportunities to drive business growth and revenue 

  • And much more 

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